Habitat Quality Buffer

Respected @dcdenu4 and @jdouglass Thank you so much for all the details you provided on the topic on [Continuing the discussion from HQ Model \ Buffer:] But i am sorry i still have confusion regarding buffer width in HQ model. In my study i have settlements (Max.D 1.5 km), roads (0.5 Km) and mining sites (5 Km) as threats. I have taken 5 km buffer of my area of interest and also considered all the threat features like settlements, roads and mining sites placed in this 5km buffer (Image attached). After running the model i will just keep the area of interest. Is that approach right? kindly guide me

Hi @shahzad , yes this is a good approach. You have included threats data outside of your area of interest up to 5km (the largest of your “max threat distances”). That ensures that all possible threats that impact the LULC within your area of interest are accounted for.

You do not necessarily need to mask all of the rasters (threats & LULC) to the buffered area of interest. It would be okay if they extended further as well. And that might allow you flexibility to increase one of the max threat distances, if needed. But it’s okay to mask them as you have done here. Thanks for including the image.

Am I correct @dcdenu4 ?

Thank you so much @dave for your precious time to guide me. I am really thankful to you.

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