Habitat risk assessment: data collection

My research is about mangrove forest habitat risk assessment in southern Iran. I used the invest habitat risk assessment model.
Question 1: Do I need a questionnaire to collect data?
Question 2: How do I provide inputs for the model?
Thank you for your guidance.

Hi Fatima, thanks for posting.

Have you read the User’s Guide for this model?

Please see the “Data Needs” section to address your second question: http://releases.naturalcapitalproject.org/invest-userguide/latest/habitat_risk_assessment.html#data-needs

Also look at the sample data provided with your invest installation to see examples of file contents formats. You probably have the sample data on your computer at C:\InVEST_3.7.0_x86\HabitatRiskAssess

For you first question, I assume you are asking about how to find values for the criteria tables? Consulting with experts can certainly be helpful. Sometimes useful information can also be found in a literature review.