Coastal Vulnerability help

I would like to know if you can provide the references in the construction of the habitat layer, I would like to see the definitions of the habitats, I am doing the model in another country and I wanted to adapt. Please

Hi @Dani -

It is your choice which habitats to include in your study, since they will be different in different locations. Usually, we are working with already-prepared polygons of habitat locations, which might come from local sources or from global sources. Once you have the habitat layer, you need to create a table of parameters to go along with it.

Please check out the Data Needs section of the User Guide for the specific requirements. We also provide sample data that you can use as an example for how to construct your own data. Appendix B also gives more information about habitats, as well as links to a few global sources of habitat data.
If you’re using Windows, you might have installed the sample data when you installed InVEST, so it will be in the installation directory. If you’re using Mac, you’ll need to download the sample data manually, from the InVEST web page.

~ Stacie

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