Honduras Data SWY

Hello, Here in TNC we are going to run Seasonal Water Yield SWY in Honduras. I would like to know if anyone of you can give me any suggestion on data sources particularly about climate, soils and high resolution dem. Thank so much in advance.

Hi! I am running Seasonal Water Yield now,and here are some suggestion for you.
(1) Climate zone: You can divided the study region by building Tyson polygon in terms of the meteorological stations in arcGIS. Ensure that each polygon only has one meteorological station, which represents one type of climate zone. Each climate zone will be assigned an integer code.
(2) Soil group: You can download the data at HYSOGs250m, global gridded hydrologic soil groups for curve-number-based runoff modeling | Scientific Data. This global dataset classified the soil group in 8 types (we only need 4 types), but the author pointed that β€œEnd-users who are not interested in dual HSGs may simply re-classify HSGs A/D, B/D, C/D, and D/D to HSG-D.”
(3) DEM: I think its better to get this from local researchers who may have the higher resolution and higher quality DEM.