SWY - Rain events table in several sub-basins

Dear Community,

As a part of a research project, I’m using SWY to mapping priority areas for investments in conservation and recovery of the environmental quality of water sources.

My area is divided into 10 sub-basins. How can I assign a table of rainfall events for each sub-basin?
Will I have to run the model for each sub-basin separately?
Can I use a “trick” to assimilate each sub-basin to a climatic zone? So I will have 10 climatic zones, being able to insert 10 different rainfall tables.

Looking forward to your feedback and interactions.

Hi @Lucas -

I’d probably try the climate zone approach, where the climate zone map consists of the different sub-basins, so each one has its own rainfall events assigned. The complication could be if you have additional information about rainfall events within the actual climate zones (different than sub-basins) across the area, then I suppose you could sub-divide the basins based on climate zone data, then assign rainfall data to each unique climate zone/sub-basin polygon.

~ Stacie