How to get data for SDR model

I’m new in InVEST, and need help on where can I get following data:

Rainfall Erosivity raster
Soil Erodibility raster
and How to assign values to biophysical table,
please help!

Hi @khanzainub -

Have you looked at the Appendix to the SDR chapter of the User Guide? It has some guidance for global sources of data and methods for creating these layers. It is not super detailed, but it can help get you started.

Hopefully you can find data that is more national/local for your area of interest. For example, there may be a rainfall erosivity equation that has been developed for your area, which usually uses annual precipitation (which may be a global layer or derived from more local data, like weather stations.) For the biophysical table, we always recommend doing a literature search for USLE C values, which are often published if someone has done a USLE study in your area, or somewhere that seems similar for weather, land use, topography, etc.

Sorry I can’t point everyone to a single set of data that works everywhere… Creating these (especially the biophysical table) is generally very time-consuming, and the goal is to find the best available, which may be all coarse, global data, or a mix of global and local, etc.

~ Stacie


Thank you so much ma’am.