How to verify the correctness of the model?

I have entered the model parameters against the references. But I don’t know how to verify that the model is correct. Do you have any good ideas?


Someone else here might have better insight about how to validate the Habitat Quality model. But, I’ll share some thoughts about it as well.

From my experience the Habitat Quality model can be useful when looking at change from one scenario compared to another. That is, looking at the magnitude of difference visually when changing the landscape and threat profiles. As far as knowing if the model is “correct” or validating results, I think that would be left to a domain expert or by reviewing literature on the threats and their impact on the habitat being analyzed.

Sorry if this isn’t overly helpful


Hi @JCJC -

There’s one study that I’m aware of that calibrated the Habitat Quality model, done by colleagues at WWF who were looking at tigers in Sumatra. They had observed data of tiger presence, and overlaid those data on the habitat quality results, to find out how good of a correlation the model had to where tigers are known to live. You can check out this study here:

~ Stacie