HQ Model-Error-about my sensitivity tablel or computer system

hello,my name is Trista and I am facing issues with the InVEST habitat quality model. My project is about using land use data for habitat quality analysis, but my sensitivity table always shows problems. I have set up the contents of the table according to the steps in the manual, but I still can’t go on with the next analysis. The following problems also occurred in the code window:
Qt: Untested Windows version 10.0 detected!
log4cplus:ERROR No appenders could be found for logger (AdSyncNamespace).
log4cplus:ERROR Please initialize the log4cplus system properly.

I have attached the screenshot of the error along with my tables.What can I do?
Thank you very much!


This is my software interface with some problems.

Hi @Trista, thanks for posting.

Which version of invest are you using? The documentation here generally refers to the latest version of invest (3.9.0). Habitat Quality — InVEST documentation

The column names in the Sensitivity table must match the names in the “threat” column of the Threats table. According to the warning message, the names in your Threats table are probably “luodi_c”, “gengdi_c”, “urban_c”, while the names in the Sensitivity table are “l_luodi”, “l_gengdi”, and “l_urban”.

I don’t think it matters which version of the names you choose, but try making them the exactly the same across these two tables.

Thank you for your reply!My problems have been solved by the way you’re talking about it.

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