Inquiry about scenario generator

Dear researchers

I am very new to using invest, I had of it few weeks and I decide to use it for my thesis, although still an amateur, however I will be happy if my question Is answer.

I have been trying to create a scenario analysis to be used in my project dissertation, I am working on carbon. I wanted to create a Scenario map, that replaces some areas in this current map (e.g. replacing grass land, shrub lands with forest and agroforestry practices).

  1. Please how can I translate this my Scenario into a land cover map? Which method/software can I use to translate this scenario into a LULC map? As i wish to compare the carbon Storage in this scenario am creating and the compare it with the Business as Usual

  2. After obtaining the result of my modelling how can I use the Archgis to check the Total carbon storage in each of the land use land classes based on the map produced by Invest. Because I observed that the attribute table of the map produce cannot open.


Dear @oloruntobby,

It sounds to me like all you might need is a rasterization routine (I’m sure ArcGIS has one). So the idea there would be to create a shapefile with polygons over each of the areas in your landcover raster you want to convert, and set an attribute in the shapefile to the landcover you want to convert to. Then, when you rasterize the shapefile, it’ll write those attribute values to the pixels that the polygons overlap.

You’re right that the carbon model does not produce an attribute table. In ArcGIS, you’ll want to look for some summary statistics. For example, the raster’s sum would be the total volume of carbon across the whole raster. Alternatively, if you’re looking for just the volume of carbon in a certain part of the raster, you’ll want to use a zonal statistics function so that you can aggregate carbon storage values in just a part of the raster.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any questions!

I really appreciate you for this fast and prompt response i really find it super helpful. I wont hesitate to ask if i have a question. Thanks a lot