Scenario Generator Model output csv empty

I am using Scenario generator 3.8.4 and everything seems to work fine, I am trying to convert 100 Ha of forest into vineyards. The model run successfully but the output csv is empty. I have tried a few times but cannot nderstand what I am doing wrong. I attach the log file. Any suggestion really welcomed!
Thanks and have a nice dayInVEST-Scenario-Generator-Proximity-Based-log-2020-06-22–13_38_59.txt (34.8 KB)


Hi @luisagalgani, it’s hard to say exactly what is happening based on the logfile, but here is one guess. I get the same problem you report (csv output has the column names but is otherwise empty) when the Convertible Landcover Codes do not exist in the input LULC. Could that be happening here? Does your LULC have pixels of values 20 and 31?

If that is not the problem, feel free to send me a link to all your input data (you may send me a private message or post here) and I will try to reproduce the problem.


Hi Dave! Thank you so much. That is right the problem. I realized I had done a mistake cnverting the shp file to raster for the LULC. Now it has the values 20 and 31 and it des work. Thanks again!
Have a good one

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