Python 3 Migration?



I was wondering if there are any plans for porting InVEST to Python 3. With all the dependencies it is clear to me that this is nontrivial.

I’m interested in this because there are other libraries I want to use with InVEST, but they are Python 3 only. I have a work around for this now, but I am still curious.

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Hey Martin,

Great to hear from you, and thanks for posting on the new forums! Yes, we are in the process of migrating natcap.invest to python 3.6+ as well as making a couple of other behind-the-scenes updates to each of the models. I’d guesstimate that our first python3-compatible release will be out in May or June, 2019.

More soon!

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Hey James,

That’s great news! I look forward to the Python 3 version of InVEST and making use of these shiny new forums.

Thank you,