Interpretation of the SDR model output

This is the output I generated using the SDR model. This is the avoided erosion. Also how to interprete it, I am not able to distinguish the areas also with regarding to this symbology which are the areas where soil erosion is low and high and is this the correct method for reading the map

This is the same output with alternative symbology if the previous one has any confusion. But I think this will be more confusing according to me

Hi @shantanu -

The User Guide defines avoided_erosion like this:

Vegetation’s contribution to reducing erosion from a pixel. In other words, valuing the vegetation for not allowing erosion to happen in the first place. This indicates the ecosystem service from the perspective of local soil loss, which would be of interest, for example, in farming areas where topsoil retention is important.

So, the places with high values for avoided_erosion are likely to experience high erosion (due to slope, rainfall etc), but the vegetation is also very good at retaining that erosion, so it does not leave the pixel. Also see the Ecosystem Services Indicators section for more information.

~ Stacie


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