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Hello, I have successfully run the SDR model, but I do not know which result of the model operation I need if I want to get the spatial distribution data of the soil retention of each grid in the research area? I have carefully read the manual for this module, but I am still confused about the results of this model. For example, does “sediment_deposition” represent the sediment retention of each grid? Is “RKLS-USLE + Sediment_Deposition” the soil retention of grid?

Hi @18819487979 -

We had some discussion about a similar topic in this forum thread. Check it out and see if it helps, but I recognize that there wasn’t entirely closure in that thread.

It does seem that the outputs of this model are confusing to interpret, so I might try to open a can of worms again here. @RafaSchmitt, can you shed any light on how best to use the SDR model outputs to create a map of total sediment retention for a single scenario (not comparing scenarios) that could be used to represent a service? sed_retention.tif is only the retention on that pixel due to the vegetation on that pixel (relative to bare ground, and is really an index, not an absolute value). sed_deposition.tif is showing where erosion deposits downslope of each pixel (without using any comparison with bare ground, and I think it’s an actual value, not an index). Then of course there’s RKLS-USLE, which is included in sed_retention.tif, but the latter incorporates the SDR factor. Many thanks for any light you can shed on this recurring topic!

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