InVEST 3.6.0 (Nutrient Delivery Ratio model)I have some doubts are there any expert can you add the valuable information to me

1.How to economic valuation in this model?
2.Load N and Load P (How to evaluate) For Example I have great interest run in this model in a coastal ecosystem, how do to?
3. If any enquires are there in this model mean how we r get assist from your side. Please, can you provide the model videos to run the model smoothly.

The NDR model does not have economic valuation as a built-in feature due to wide variety of valued final services that are affected by changes in water pollution (Keeler et al., 2012). The valuation methods required to model these can vary based on the service and have proven to be somewhat resistant to scaling through InVEST, though that is changing in some cases and this functionality may be available in the future. At this stage, Iā€™d point you to a recent workshop that covered the state of the art in this field; several of the manuscripts there may give you leads on approaches you could follow.


Thank you so much for your valuable information, I eagerly waiting for your workshop in the future, the country like India as soon as possible.