Invest model SDR

INVEST model SDR module, the result is shown in the figure, the data is missing, and the input data is as follows.Dem data is too large to upload;
001 (1.4 MB)

Please see the user’s guide section about the defined area of outputs. The areas where data is missing probably do not drain to any stream, so the results cannot be calculated there. You can confirm this by looking at intermediate_outputs/what_drains_to_stream.tif. It shows the areas that could not be calculated because they do not drain to a stream.

Hello, I opened the file, and the image is not missing.

Interesting, thanks for checking that. Can you share your DEM data by email? You can send it to me at

Mail delivery failed. Do you have any private mail?
The reason why the mail was returned was:The size of your mail exceeds the limit of the service provider of the recipient (, and the other party will not accept it.

Can you upload it to Google Drive or another file sharing service?

interlinkage:百度网盘 请输入提取码
Fetch code:f5l3
I uploaded the file to Baidu network disk. This is the download connection.

Hi @3530611553 , thanks for sharing your files but could you upload it to a different file sharing service like Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox? I’ve never been able to download from Baidu NetDisk.


Thank you very much for your attention. This problem is caused by my improper operation, and it has been solved at present.

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OK, great to hear and thanks for letting us know! I’ll close this topic.