Is Invest working on the new Apple computers with M1 processor?

Hi all!
Is anyone using Invest on the new M1 Apple processors? Do you have any knowledge if it works with Rosetta 2? And is the NatCap community expecting to have some version to run it natively on M1?

Looking to purchase a new laptop and this information would be very helpful.
Thank you!

Our software development team doesn’t currently have a mac with the Apple M1 processor, and AWS’s new mac instances only offer the Intel processor so far, so we haven’t been able to check the compatibility yet. We do plan to continue releasing InVEST for mac, and so if any issues come up with M1 we will address them.
We’re working on a new version InVEST UI that’s built with Electron, and I suspect that it will be compatible with M1, even if the current Qt version isn’t. Our ability to release a version that runs natively on M1 will depend on if electron-builder supports that. It looks like they might already.

If you do get a laptop with one of the new processors, please let us know if there are any issues!

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Hi @esoth
I’ve tested InVEST in the new M1 processor and apparently everything runs fine :slight_smile: I’ll report if any issue comes up! Thanks