InVEST 3.10.2 on Mac OS Monterrey

Dear all,
I am a student of Sustainable Transition M.Sc. from University in Giessen (Germany)
and new to the field of InVEST/QGIS etc.
I have problems opening InVEST version 3.10.2 properly on my Mac with OS 12.2.1 Monterrey -
only the InVEST Launcher opens with no possibility to skip this and come to the tools (DelineateIT ) - is this program compatible with my computer at all?

Thanks for helping out and kind regards from Berlin!

Hi @Til,
Could you please attach a screenshot of what you are seeing? Were you able to open the program at all after installing?

Hello @esoth many thanks for replying that quickly!
I managed to start InVEST on my computer as I did not have installed the prerequisited packages yet - the problem was, as usual, not the system but sitting in front of the screen
Best regards!


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