SDR Workspace data compilation in GIS

Hello people of Invest,
I am newly working through Invest, trying to understand the progress. I have run through the SDR model with data models. And i also got the result file from the SDR invest model named “sdr_workspace”. the thing i dont know how to proceed further or compile the data for the final result from this workspace results. I hope there should some instructions. And not only for the SDR, I am look forward to Carbon, water quality and habitat quality as well.

Kindly help me out, Thank you,


Hi @DGowtham -

Now that you have results, it’s your decision how to evaluate or further process them, depending on the needs of your project. The first thing we always do is review the results to see if they make sense. Sometimes, we can use the sed_export.tif map, or the aggregated watershed values as they are, without any additional processing, if we want to show our audience where sediment in streams is being produced on the landscape. If you have observed data on sediment in the stream, and want to calibrate/validate the model, that is another next step that you can do. Or, if you are also considering future scenarios, you can run the model on your scenarios and calculate change, to see how the scenario may impact erosion.

So there are many options for what to do next, it really depends on why you’re running the model, and what you are using the results to inform.

~ Stacie

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