Less categories for geomorphology CV model


I’m running the coastal vulnerability model for a mangrove area in El Salvador and Guatemala, and I’m not sure if for the geomorphology layer I can have less than 5 categories. In the manual says is ok to have more, but it doesn’t say if we can have less.

Appreciate the help.


Hi Marcello,

If you’re using the latest version of CV (3.7.0), then you may use less than 5 categories. Acceptable values for the ‘RANK’ are any in the set of (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). So more than 5 categories is not acceptable.

If you’re using an older version (3.6 or earlier), then I’m not certain so I would just try it and see what happens! Probably less than 5 is okay.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for your always kind and quick reply.

Got it, I’m might actually try it in both version, I’ll let you know.

Greetings from Costa Rica.