Log includes WARNING [errno 1] about field Shape_Area

Why is there still an error message inside the output log file after the model runs successfully? I took the following screenshot.

The first screenshot is the log file after the successful run of the water purification assessment model (NDR); the second is the log file after the successful run of the soil and water conservation assessment model (SDR). At the same time, we can see that, instantly after the successful run, the last part of the two log files are different, the first one has a strange pattern, but the second one does not.
why is that?

@littlepencil you can usually ignore WARNINGS, unless your model does not run successfully. This warning is common, and does not affect your results. The last “strange pattern” in NDR is just ASCII art that is a little skewed. :slight_smile: I’m not sure why the software team has it in some models but not others.

~ Stacie


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