SDR run time error

Dear users and developers,
I wonder if you can help me answering a simple question about the SDR Model.After running SDR, an error occurs, prompting a runtime error:time out, how to solve it?
thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi @MPY -

When posting about model errors, we ask that you include the whole log file (.txt) that the model produces in your Workspace. It contains a lot of information that might help us understand what’s going wrong. Thanks!

~ Stacie

Hi! This is the whole log file (.txt) that the model produces in my Workspace.
InVEST-Sediment-Delivery-Ratio-Model-(SDR)-log-2019-12-19–21_50_38.txt (98.3 KB) .Thanks!

Thanks for posting the log file. While it’s not yet clear what’s going wrong, I do see a couple of things that could be causing problems.

One is that many of the input paths contain characters that may not be handled well. For example:

Try moving your input data to a folder named something like
and see if that helps.

Next, Looking a a little earlier in the logging messages, when calculating RKLS, there is this warning:
12/19/2019 22:41:55 py.warnings WARNING C:\INVEST~1.0_X\INVEST~1\natcap\invest\ RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in multiply

I would look closely at your input rasters (particularly erosivity and erodibility) and make sure that all of the pixels have numeric (floating point or integer) values. Also make sure that there are no holes of NoData - I’m not sure if that would cause this kind of error, but possibly.

You can also try the latest version of InVEST (3.7), which has many bug fixes since 3.6.

Let us know if any of these help.

~ Stacie