Missing some values on raster data

I am having some trouble with outing missed value on final raster data.
My intermediate did not appear missed area.
I guess this problem comes from evapotranspiration data or precipitation data.Could you please help me to solve.
And i did not delete the Nodata value of raster data.

Hi @Chrisfans,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forums! Thanks for uploading that image, unfortunately it’s quite small and hard to understand what you’re trying to highlight.

It sounds like your outputs are having some areas set as NoData, but those areas are there in some of the intermediate files, is that right? Do you notice if the precipitation data or evapotranspiration data have NoData values where the missing areas are in the outputs? Where any of the input rasters have NoData, the output rasters will also have NoData.

If you could help clarify your question and upload those images independently so we can better view them that would be really helpful. Thanks!

~ Doug

Thanks for your answer , Mr. Doug.
I will put the picture of all original data for you checking.The red circles are the missing areas where the initial data are complete. Sorry,i can only upload 5 files under my authority,and you can click the picture,named 22,using the mouse. PS:1 is the final,and 22 is my initial data.

Was there anyone who can answer thie question?

Thanks for your answer , Mr. Doug.My initial datas are complete,but the final output misses some areas.

Hi @Chrisfans,

Thanks for re-posting some of those photos. It’s hard to know why those spots in the output are showing up as NoData. Would you be able to share you data via Google Drive, Dropbox, or another file sharing service? If so, could you zip up all your inputs and share that so we can try to recreate what you’re experiencing?


~ Doug