Some parts of the study area is missing in output

What is the issue or question you have? Although the model NDR runs properly the output “n_total _export” do not show some areas as no values. I run the model applying -999.0 for the no data in rasters but same output received.

What do you expect to happen? To get the values to entire study area

What have you tried so far? I tried with applying -999.0 for the nodata values in rasters.

Upload the logfile using the :outbox_tray: button

I uploaded the result file which is not covering the entire study area. Pls help

Hello @tamasha -

There’s a section of the NDR User Guide called Defined Area of Outputs - check this out and let us know if anything in there explains the missing data in your results. (And note that this section includes a link to more information in the SDR chapter).

~ Stacie

Dear swolny
Will refer it and let u know the results. Thanks a lot.


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