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I will use the InVEST model for the first time and I could not find a complete answer to my question in the articles I read. Does the InVEST urban flood risk mitigation model work correctly in a basin that includes rural and urban areas? Or can I get correct results only in urban areas? I would like to ask for help in this regard.

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Yes, the model will work as expected in a basin that includes both rural and urban areas. It’s important to note that, per the user’s guide chapter:

The InVEST model calculates the runoff reduction, i.e. the amount of runoff retained per pixel compared to the storm volume. For each watershed, it also calculates the potential economic damage by overlaying information on flood extent potential and built infrastructure.

So, you could reasonably expect that your runoff retention would be greater in more rural areas, and the potential economic damage would also be smaller (due to less built infrastructure) in rural areas.

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