NDR - RuntimeError: In Task: mask runoff proxy raster problem

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I can’t run the NDR model, this error appears RuntimeError: In Task: mask runoff proxy raster.Missing expected target path results.
I already have the latest Invest version and redownloaded sample data several times.
Here is my logfile
InVEST-natcap.invest.ndr.ndr-log-2023-11-22–15_13_08.txt (2.7 KB)

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Thanks for posting the log file. There are a couple of earlier messages that say this:

(osgeo) utils._log_gdal_errors(97) WARNING [errno 1] Ring Self-intersection at or near point 546482.02420190722 4269033.4955116883
(osgeo) utils._log_gdal_errors(97) ERROR [errno 1] Cutline polygon is invalid.

If you search the forum, you’ll find that others have had similar issues, like in this thread, or this one. The second one notes GIS tools that you can use that hopefully fix things. If you try these suggestions and they don’t help, let us know.

~ Stacie

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