New Regenerative Marketplace

Hello, I recently launched a cryptocurrency on the polygon network that helped 7 other cryptocurrency organizations plant over 4,500 certified trees. We are redesigning this crypto and creating a regenerative marketplace for incentivizing actions that increase and maintain native ecosystems. This marketplace would have a new form of carbon credits. Actions that the marketplace helps to incentivize would be continuously tracked for impact in multiple ecosystem services. We would like to use natural capital tools to analyze the benefits and prioritization of these actions and are looking for people intimately knowledgeable about these tools to partner with. Please let me know if you have any connections.

What’s the name of the marketplace? Are you just doing carbon or other regenerative metrics like water quality, N and P cycle, air pollution removal, stormwater interception etc?

HI, we would like to incorporate all of the metrics from the tools that the natural capital provides, N+P, water quality, stormwater, etc. Can learn more about the marketplace at