Welcome to the Natural Capital Project community forum

This is a community primarily to support The Natural Capital Project’s software suite. It is also a community for others to collaborate in sharing data sources, opportunities for research or collaboration, or any other Natural Capital appropriate interactions.

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Are all the old posts from the previous forum gone? I had to create new account for this one, and I see none of the posts from previous years.

Hi Clinton, thanks for making a new account here. The old posts from the previous forum are not easy to migrate over here. You may still view them at https://forum.naturalcapitalproject.org/index.php.

We will make an archive of that forum for posterity before we take it offline, but if there is something important to you there I encourage you to grab it now. If there is great demand, we could consider making the old forum read-only for a while. Even so, eventually we will take that server offline.

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Understandable. A shame to lose the continuity, but perhaps this more modern platform is better in the long run.