Outputs of Habitat Quality Model

Hello InVEST community!

When I was researching and deciding to use InVEST for my reaserch, I read that one of the model outputs was “number of affected people”. Does the Habitat Quality model have this output as well? If so, how can I visualize it?

Alternatively, if it doesn’t, are the only outputs from the model the degradation map and the habitat quality map? I’ve already run the model and obtained these results, but I’m unsure if these are the only two outputs I can derive from running the model (I only used current LULC).

Thank you in advance,

Hello @anaacruz ,

As you have discovered, the outputs that InVEST produces are specific to each model, which does mean that some models do not offer a “number of affected people” output. Habitat Quality is one of them. The full list of outputs produced by the model are described at Habitat Quality — InVEST® documentation, so I’ll defer to the user’s guide on what the model produces.

If your goal is to determine the number of people affected by habitat quality, you’ll just need to find a way to link what InVEST does produce to the metrics you are looking for. It is very common for analyses to do their own postprocessing of model outputs to translate what it produces into relevant metrics and figures.