Poisson regression availability in Urban nature access model

hi all,

I am working on Urban nature access model for population group radii, in the only reference that I have found which included an application for this model, Poisson regression was used as a decay function.

I can not see Poisson in the option list of decay function in the model, I am wondering if it is removed from the model or there is a way that I can get it.


I don’t believe Poisson regression has ever been an option for the model, it is not mentioned in our design document.

Can you share the reference you mentioned?


“A geospatial model of nature-based recreation for urban planning: Case study of Paris, France”
I tried to upload it but the size is large.

Hello @Shammoudeh,

@esoth is correct, the Poisson regression model, while cited in the paper you mention (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.landusepol.2022.106107), was not specified in the model’s design, and so has not yet been implemented. Having said that, we plan to add the Poisson kernel in a future release, in part because it was described, if not formally specified, in this paper. At this time, the only way to include a Poisson kernel would be to modify the source code, or else to wait until we can implement it.

Hope this helps!