Literatures for urban nature access model

Hi all,

I searched for any literature that worked with urban nature access model but I could not find.
could you please suggest any reference?


Hi @Shammoudeh , the User’s Guide lists a number of references. Urban Nature Access — InVEST® documentation

Not all of them will include an application of this model, but I think the Liu et al. papers do.

Hi @Shammoudeh -

I asked the model authors about this recently, and indeed the main published studies are those from Liu et al that are noted in the User Guide. This model is new, so I would expect it to take a while for studies to be published using it.

For the future, one place to look is our Publications web page, which includes a link to NatCap-authored studies, as well as a link to community-authored studies.

~ Stacie

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thanks alot for your help


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