Precipitation data not red

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My precipitation data cannot be read. They are just clips from raster files from Chirps data, named on monthly basis.

What do you expect to happen?

That it would work

What have you tried so far? Renaming the files

Attach the logfile here:

Showing messages with level INFO and higher
2023-02-02 21:04:45,848 (natcap.invest.utils) utils.prepare_workspace(161) Level 100 Writing log messages to [C:\Users\49173\Documents\seasonal_water_yield_workspace\InVEST-Seasonal-Water-Yield-log-2023-02-02–21_04_45.txt]
2023-02-02 21:04:45,852 (natcap.invest.ui.model) model._logged_target(1626) Level 100 Starting model with parameters:
Arguments for InVEST natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield 3.12.1:
alpha_m 1/12
aoi_path C:/Users/49173/Documents/Seasonal Water Yield INPUTS/Baringo-Bogoria-Merccatchment.shp
beta_i 1
biophysical_table_path C:/Users/49173/Documents/Seasonal Water Yield INPUTS/biophysical_table_Baringo.csv
dem_raster_path C:/Users/49173/Documents/Seasonal Water Yield INPUTS/SRTM30_reproj_Mercator.tif
et0_dir C:/Users/49173/Documents/Seasonal Water Yield INPUTS/ETo_clipped
gamma 1
lulc_raster_path C:/Users/49173/Documents/Seasonal Water Yield INPUTS/ESACCI_reproj_Mercator.tif
monthly_alpha False
n_workers -1
precip_dir C:/Users/49173/Documents/Seasonal Water Yield INPUTS/Rainfall data
rain_events_table_path C:/Users/49173/Documents/Seasonal Water Yield INPUTS/rain events_baringo.csv
soil_group_path C:/Users/49173/Documents/Seasonal Water Yield INPUTS/curve number proj - Mercator.tif
threshold_flow_accumulation 100
user_defined_climate_zones False
user_defined_local_recharge False
workspace_dir C:\Users\49173\Documents\seasonal_water_yield_workspace

2023-02-02 21:04:45,859 (natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield) seasonal_water_yield._execute(421) INFO prepare and test inputs for common errors
2023-02-02 21:04:45,900 (natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield) seasonal_water_yield._execute(487) INFO Building file registry
2023-02-02 21:04:45,901 (natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield) seasonal_water_yield._execute(493) INFO Checking that the AOI is not the output aggregate vector
2023-02-02 21:04:45,901 (natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield) seasonal_water_yield._execute(502) INFO Aligning and clipping dataset list
2023-02-02 21:04:45,905 (natcap.invest.utils) utils.prepare_workspace(166) ERROR Exception while executing Seasonal-Water-Yield
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “natcap\invest\”, line 164, in prepare_workspace
File “natcap\invest\ui\”, line 1632, in _logged_target
File “natcap\invest\seasonal_water_yield\”, line 406, in execute
File “natcap\invest\seasonal_water_yield\”, line 527, in _execute
ValueError: No Precip found for month 1
2023-02-02 21:04:45,908 (natcap.invest.utils) utils.prepare_workspace(169) INFO Elapsed time: 0.06s
2023-02-02 21:04:45,909 (natcap.invest.utils) utils.prepare_workspace(172) INFO Execution finished

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Hi @IHartmann -

Do your precipitation rasters end in the numbers 1-12? As noted in the User Guide, the raster file name for each month must end in a number that corresponds with the month January (1) through December (12).

~ Stacie

many thanks. Yes, they do…

They are precipitation-01, etc… …Maybe I should make them precipitation-1 ???

Do try changing them from 01 to 1. It would be interesting to know if the software doesn’t support 01, I haven’t tried that myself.

~ Stacie

wow, that worked! So many thanks… Cheers. Ingrid

Yes, I can confirm that the model expects month numbers to be represented as 1 and not 01. This is an interesting idea, though!

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