SYW results no data, info value o not complete

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I’m getting layers as a result, which looks like they weren’t fully created, since “noise” is observed and not interpetrable data. On the other hand I have with value info What does it mean? Which of the inputs can be the problem?

thank you

Hi @SofiaEscotoH -

Are the minimum and maximum values of the B and B_sum rasters actually +/- infinity? If so, then something is definitely going wrong with the calculations. If not, then try changing the symbology to reflect the actual minimum/maximum values and see if it looks better.

If the min/max values are actually infinity, then please upload your log file (.txt), which is created in the Workspace, and we’ll see if it has any information to help us understand why.

~ Stacie

Yes, unfortunately B & B_sum show +/- infinity values. I’m uploading txt log file, thank you!

InVEST-natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield-log-2023-04-13–19_25_11.txt (43.2 KB)

Hello, I think I did not answer properly. I forward the txt, thanks

InVEST-natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield-log-2023-04-13–19_25_11.txt (43.2 KB)

Thanks for uploading your log file @SofiaEscotoH. Unfortunately it’s not shedding any light on what’s going wrong, so it might be easiest if you send me your input data and I’ll check it out. The best way to do this is the following:

1/ In InVEST Workbench, go to the tab where you’re entering your model inputs.
2/ Click on “Save As…” in the left side of the screen.
3/ In the “Datastack options” window that appears, click on “Parameters and data”.
4/ Give the output file a name (leaving it as the default is fine too), and make sure that the file extension is “.tgz”.
5/ Save the file and send it to me at


~ Stacie

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