Seasonal Water yield model running errors


I have been running SWY models for 10 watershed in Ethiopia. Only one watershed was successfully run. For rest of watersheds, I got different errors.
The inputs difference among different watersheds are biophysical table and DEM.

water shed 1: InVEST-natcap.invest.seasonal_water_yield.seasonal_water_yield-log-2023-09-17--22_20_13_ws_id_1.txt - Google Drive

Any suggestion about this? Thanks

Here are logs for other watersheds.
I did not get complete log in txt file, so I copied log from screen to google doc.
watershed 2: log_watershed_2 - Google Docs
watershed 3:
log_watershed_3 - Google Docs
watershed 5:
log_watershed_5 - Google Docs

I am trying now to set up workspace in local, will report back.

HI @lingling,

Thanks for sharing these logs. Please let us know if you have the same issues when all the files are stored locally on your machine. It could be something similar to post I found, which talks about how some Cloud Storage only allows sequential writing and that TIFF writing requires random writing.



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