Problems with Invest 3 in Virtualbox

I use Linux mint version 19.3 cinnamon. To run the Invest recreation model, I used a Windows 7, 32-bit virtual box. I downloaded version 3.8.5. The problem I had is that the terminal only opens for a moment and then closes, then I can’t run the model. Version 3.7 does run fine.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

  • Does the same thing happen with other InVEST models?
  • Could you try launching the InVEST executable from the command-line (cmd.exe would work best, see below for steps), and then include the text of the error here so we can take a look?

To launch the model:

  1. Open cmd.exe
  2. cd into the InVEST installation directory (usually under something like C:\InVEST_3.8.5-x86\invest-3-x86)
  3. Execute this command: .\invest.exe run recreation
  4. Copy the text of the error printed to stdout into this thread so we can take a look.