CommunicationError-Errno 10061 - InVEST_3.7 Recreation and Tourism

Dear users and developers,

I am trying to run the Rec and Tourism model and encountered a connection error. It says “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.” Any input is highly appreciated!


InVEST-Recreation-Model-log-2019-06-25–14_58_29.txt (3.0 KB)

Thanks for letting us know! The server was in fact down for some reason. I have been able to re-launch it with no problem, but now I’m also taking this opportunity to do a bit of server maintenance. So the Rec model may be intermittently unavailable for a short while (an hour or so). I’ll post back here to confirm it’s up and running after that.

Recreation model server is back up and running!

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Hi Dave,

Good to know! thank you so much for checking up on it.