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I am master student from institute of geoinfamatics in University of munster germany and I want to use INVEST recreation model in my study of analysis rate of tourism activities in Zanzibar coast, from 2015 to 2019.
My question is, does the inVEST Recreation model allow to do this analysis for the time I stated? (Beyond 2014).
Next, is it also possible to get the picture from other platform apart from flicker?

Hope you will provide me much information on this.
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Welcome, Hassan. At the current time the InVEST Recreation model can query flickr photos taken from 2005-2017. It is probably a good time to add the 2018 photos. I’ll announce that here when it happens. We don’t want to include an incomplete year, so 2019 photos won’t be available until 2020. Flickr is the only platform that InVEST can query. Researchers commonly write their own scripts to query other other APIs, like twitter.

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Thanks Dave for useful information

Hello Dave and all.

I was wandering if there were any updates since this last massage (date at 19 may 2019)

Dose the model currently query Flickr photos taken at 2019?

furthermore, do you now if anyone used recreation model with other photo platform (such as Instagram or Facebook)?

At my research area, most of visitors don’t use Flickr platform so I am looking for another solution…

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PhD student, Bar-Ilan university, Israel

The Recreation model still only supports queries through 2017. I don’t have any predictions for you regarding when we might add support for more recent years.

There are lots of papers published from researchers using other data platforms besides Flickr to analyze patterns of recreation/tourism, but they are not using the InVEST model. This paper looks like a review such research:


Thank you very much for your answer

Hi, I wanted to follow up on that discussion - are you working on including more up-to-date years or is an update planned at all?

Hi @Thomas , we don’t have plans right now to include more years of Flickr data in the Recreation model. That doesn’t mean it will never happen. But it is my perception that while there is demand for up-to-date data on recreation and tourism patterns, the more recent years of Flickr data may not meet that demand because Flickr has not been a widely used platform in the last several years.


Hi Dave,
Regarding to your answer, would you consider building a similar model that supports images from other sources?

Hi @Ymande , I think it’s something we would like to do, but any new development like that depends on funding for the research, engineering, & maintenance. So I don’t have any news to report on that yet.