Recreation Model RTreeError

Hi everyone,
I tried to run Recreation Model and I get the following error that I do not understand what it needs to be changed.
InVEST-Recreation-Model-log-2021-12-15–14_53_12.txt (6.2 KB)

Can someone help me solve this issue?

Kind Regards,
Petros Panteleon

Hi @pante003 ,

Looking at your logfile, this line is interesting:

2021-12-15 14:53:37,140 (shapely.geos) geos.callback(252) INFO Invalid Coordinate at or near point nan 1347910.24231128

I think that nan coordinate in your roads predictor layer is probably the ultimate cause of this error. Could you check your layer and make sure that the geometries have valid coordinates and try re-running the model?



Hi @jdouglass it works with your correction, I replaced the road layer that I used with the osm roads layer and it worked! Thank you!
Kind Regards,
Petros Panteleon


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