InVEST Habitat Quality. Threats data

Hello! My name Alex, i’m student from Russia. This is my first time working with your model. Can you help me with creating a threat table. I need to create a regular table, and a table to work in QGIS.

Hi @AlexNov , welcome to the forums!

The Habitat Quality model’s User’s Guide chapter describes the required structure of the threat table and threat rasters, and you can also find example input data for the model on our download page, under “Individual Sample Datasets for InVEST”.

Let us know if you have any further questions!

thank you @jdouglass. I have already read the user manual. I have the following question-where is an example of how to generalize the names of threats? My threats are succession, collection and harvesting of forest resources, drainage and filling of swamps, but the sample data and the user manual do not mention this.

The model should let you use whatever names you’d like, so long as the “THREAT” column in your threats CSV matches the threat column in your sensitivity CSV.

So in this case, you might have “THREAT” columns like:

  • “succession”
  • “collection-harvesting-forest-resources”
  • “draining-filling-of-swamps”

I’m using “-” characters here to separate words, but they aren’t needed … you could just as easily use spaces or any other character to join words.

Does that line up with what you’re thinking?

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