Rios error and I don't know how to solve it

This is my first time using Rios .However,it reported an error.I don’t know How to solve it . Its error as follows:ializing…12/20/2022 22:48:01 root DEBUG Loading <module ‘natcap.rios.rios’ from ‘C:\PROGRA~1\RIOS 1.1.16 x86\natcap\rios\rios.pyc’> in frozen environmentArguments:activities {u’native_veg’: {u’measurement_unit’: u’area’, u’measurement_value’: 10000.0, u’unit_cost’: 100.0}, u’LULC_veg’: {u’measurement_unit’: u’area’, u’measurement_value’: 10000.0, u’unit_cost’: 100.0}}activity_shapefiles budget_config {u’years_to_spend’: 1, u’activity_budget’: {u’native_veg’: {u’budget_amount’: 0.0}, u’LULC_veg’: {u’budget_amount’: 0.0}}, u’if_left_over’: u’Report remainder’, u’floating_budget’: 30}lulc_activity_potential_map {32: [u’native_veg’, u’LULC_veg’], 33: [u’native_veg’, u’LULC_veg’], 66: , 11: [u’LULC_veg’], 65: , 64: [u’native_veg’], 41: [u’native_veg’], 42: [u’native_veg’], 43: [u’native_veg’], 12: [u’LULC_veg’], 46: [u’native_veg’], 53: , 51: , 52: , 21: [u’native_veg’, u’LULC_veg’], 22: [u’native_veg’, u’LULC_veg’], 23:
I hope someone can help me

Hi @nishang1 -

I’m sorry to say that we no longer support RIOS. But if you can post the entire log file (.txt file produced in your Workspace) or entire set of log messages that are produced, I can see if anything stands out as obviously incorrect. The small piece of the log messages that you posted isn’t enough to help.

~ Stacie