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Hello again, it’s Alba from Colombia
If anyone could help me, I really appreciate it. When I run RIOS Investment Portfolio Adviser, the results look “broken” or “cut,” however, it doesn’t give me any errors in the process. Is something wrong with my Inputs?

Hi Alba, Would you mind sharing the logfile from this run and your input data? I think that’s the only way we’ll be able to advise on why this happened.

You may send me a private message with a link to your data if you won’t want to post it here. Google drive or dropbox usually work well.

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Hi Alba -

Sorry it took so long for me to look at this. Although in the end I’m not sure why that linear pattern is happening. @dave pointed me to your input data, and when I run it through RIOS I get a different result - you can see it attached. I might not have gotten all of your weights or budget exactly the same, but I don’t think that should matter for this testing, and I tried it with multiple budgets too. To make sure that I’m using the same inputs as you, could you do this in the RIOS IPA window: File > Save Parameters, and send me the resulting .json file?

I don’t see anything obviously wrong with the inputs or pre-processor layers. One thing I do see that’s odd in your IPA outputs is that the rasters in activity_scores all seem to have bad data in them, I can’t visualize any of them in a GIS. But when I run (what I think are) the same inputs, those rasters have values as expected (between 0 and 1.) The other more intermediate outputs from your IPA output that I’ve looked at (objectives, transition scores) do not have the same problem.

As a side note, the stream network created by the pre-processor is extremely dense, like there’s as much stream as land in this watershed - is this how it is in reality? If not, I suggest adjusting the threshold flow accumulation until streams.shp looks more like a real-world stream network.

~ Stacie

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Hello Stacie and Dave
Thanks for the help! As a first step, I am adjusting the threshold flow accumulation, as soon as I have the .json file, I will write here again.
Many thanks!