SDR model output interpretation

I’m working on SDR model but, the output (uslei, sediment export, and sediment retention) are in (tone/pixel) and the results are very high compared to other research’s , so how to change (tone /pixel ) to ( tone per hectare) and how to optimize and interpret the results? thank you!!

Hi @dibku,

Welcome to the NatCap forums and thanks for posting your question. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about interpreting the SDR results as seen in these other forum posts:

We are also close to releasing an updated version of the SDR model that will hopefully provide better understanding of the resulting model outputs.

In the meantime if you’re looking at the watershed_results_sdr.shp result the units are tons/watershed. That’s a good place to start for comparing results, as these models are designed to be run at that scale, not the pixel scale.

For doing a quick ton/pixel to ton/hectare I think you can multiply by 10,000 and divide by the area of your pixel (30m x 30m = 900 square meters). 1 hectare = 10,000 square meters.
So: (X ton / 900m^2 ) * (10,000 m^2 / 1 hectare)