Sdr normal runtime?

Hello, I am trying to run InVEST SDR 3.7. May I ask what is its normal run time? I’m quite worried there’s something wrong about my data. Because it’s taking so long. A colleague said that it might be due to the IFSAR dem. Could it possibly be because of that? Thank you.

Hi @anniemaeinson -

The run time will vary widely, depending on the resolution of your data, plus the size of the watershed. How long has it been running? What is the resolution of your DEM? (The model runs at the resolution of the DEM.) What is the area of your watershed? Also, are you seeing progress in the model output window, or is it stuck in one place?

~ Stacie

the DEM resolution is 30x30 meters. The area of the watershed is 12,600 ha. The “process bar” is moving, though.