Seasonal Water yield Error Unicode


I’m running the Seasonal Water Yield and the following error accoured.

UnicodeWarning: Unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode - interpreting them as being unequal

I don’t know how to solve, please help!

InVEST-Seasonal-Water-Yield-log-2019-11-27–11_52_42.txt (9.6 KB)

Hi @Mpmoreno -

It looks like the log file didn’t post correctly - would you please try attaching it again? It might have useful information to help us understand what’s happening. Thanks!

~ Stacie


I uploaded it again, I hope the information is clear there.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for re-posting the log file, @Mpmoreno. The error itself isn’t particularly obvious to me (maybe it is to someone in the software team?), but it does show that it is happening when calculating the curve number. This is done using a combination of the CN_* fields in the biophysical table, land cover raster and soil group raster.

So I wonder if there is a value in one of those inputs that is perhaps a different type than required (string when it should be numeric, for example), or is missing a value (a blank cell in the table where there should be a number) or perhaps the CSV file has values separated by semicolons, when it must use commas. The first thing I suggest is reviewing the Data Needs section of the User Guide to make sure all of the values and fields are of the correct type. If this all seems ok to you, please post your input data and I’ll check it out.

~ Stacie

Thanks, I checked carefully each of my files to see where was the mistake and I found it, so that error got solved. However, there was another error, but I guess I have to open a different thread to consulted. Again, Thank you for your help.

I have similar problem.

Where was your error.

Hi Gerardo,

My error appeared because the DEM layer didn’t cover all the watershed, there were small parts that didn’t have a correspondant DEM pixel value. I hope it was of some help, let me know if it worked.