Seasonal Water Yield QB Field


Could anyone give some advice on how to interpret the field qb that is added in the watershed shape file after running the SWY model?

On the other hand, I compared the qb results between the linebase and a scenario with more natural vegetation, the values of the qb field decreases in the scenario (although it has a better natural situation), is it correct? How should I analyze this data?

Thanks so much


Hi @fr_saenz , The qb field is calculated according to equation 9 in the SWY user’s guide chapter, and represents the average of the contributing local recharges (negative or positive) in the watershed.

Local recharge is the precipitation minus runoff (quickflow) minus annual evapotranspiration (all of which are described in greater detail in the user’s guide), so whether qb increases or decreases in your scenarios really depends on your inputs.

Hope this helps, and let us know if we can clarify anything further!