Source of the Habitat Quality data in example:

What is the source of land use data used in habitat quality assessment example file provided with the software? Is it available for 2000, 2010, and 2016 for the entire US? I know there are NLCD, NASS and other data available. But the example dataset is 30 meters with a more detailed classification of the US land use?

I would appreciate it if someone knows the source.


Hi @hold172 -

The Habitat Quality sample data is from a project that we did a very long time ago with partners in Oregon. Unfortunately we didn’t keep a lot (really any) metadata for the input datasets, but given the extreme granularity of the LULC classes, I’m confident that it’s not a national dataset. Here’s a paper written about the project that says, “The base map in this study was a 1990 LU/LC map for the Willamette Basin (29 728 km2) developed by the Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium…” Check out the paper for more information.

~ Stacie

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