Geographic scale of output is different than expected

Hello! Let me explain what problems I have met.I ran the INVEST model successfully, however, I input the results in Arcgis,its scale is so bigger than original layer.Pleease help me,thanks.

Hi @mike,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. It looks like you are running the Habitat Quality model.

its scale is so bigger than original layer

What do you mean by this? Are you referring to the size of the output compared to the LULC or maybe the output values?

Thanks for helping us better understand your question.

~ Doug

Thank you for your help,Doug.Yes,l am running the Habitat Quality model.This is my LULC layer.

The scale of the contrast between this picture and the previous one is quite different.Forgive me for my poor English expression.Thanks again for your help.

No problem. Okay, so the first image is of the quality_c.tif output, the second is the LULC raster. Are you wondering why the quality raster resembles the LULC raster so much?

~ Doug

Yes,thank you for your help.I think I have solved the problem.I tried to carry out geographical registration,and the result was successful.Although I still don’t know why the output does not match the LULC raster.Thank you for your patient answer. :blush: :blush:

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Great to hear @mike, I also think I might have missed what you were underlining in red in those screenshots. Definitely check all your input raster projections and make sure they are the same. That might help with the scale difference you’re seeing.

This model will soon better handle different input projections.

~ Doug

haha~,it’s a very good model.Although it has some glitches now,I believe you will make it better and better.I was toughed by your patient answers. :rose:

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