The inVEST tool

Hi everyone !
i am new here in this platform and have barely started dealing with the database examples on inVEST, please i want to know if this software is reduced to just these sample models or we can also work with our own database and how?
Thank you so much

Hi @EcoNabil,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the NatCap Forums!

The InVEST software suite includes a variety of models, all of which are listed in the InVEST Users Guide and have documentation for how those models work and the data they need. The NatCap website software page is also a good resource.

Indeed we include sample data with our models so that users can quickly run each model and get a sense for what kind of outputs the model produces. When running for your own applications and locations you will need to make sure you have data that the model requires that is relevant to your area. Sometimes that data acquisition can be difficult depending on where in the world you are looking to run these models.

We also have some resources on upcoming virtual workshop and past workshops on the website here.

Let us know if this helps as a good starting point to becoming familiar with InVEST.



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