InVEST parameter database?

Hey everyone, NatCap used to host a really nice parameter database for InVEST models, with literature citations and example biophysical parameter values. Anyone know if that is still available and where I could find it? Thank you!

Hello, I think they changed the data that was in the link “Individual Sample Datasets for InVEST”, now it is not possible to access to the old data. And “” file is not available. Anyhow you can find some of the info in this link: in the lower part of the page.

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Hey @GingerK -

It’s still available on the NatCap website, just a bit hidden. Go to the InVEST Resources page and scroll down, you’ll come to the section Data Requirements and Data Sources For InVEST, which has links to the parameter databases.

~ Stacie

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Excellent, that’s just what I needed - thanks so much!