The output file is incomplete

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Attach the logfile here:

Not all files output by the model are complete, such as gpkg and p_surface_export_6.tif, which are incomplete, and modified_load_p_6.tif is complete.
The picture is as follows
InVEST-Nutrient-Delivery-Ratio-log-2023-03-17–21_00_50.txt (60.0 KB)

Hi @3530611553 , it seems that your file attachments did not finish uploading before you posted your message. Could you please try again and wait until the “Uploading: …” message disappears before finishing the post?

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Hello, it has been uploaded.

Thanks for updating those files. I don’t see anything strange in the logfile, so I think we will need to look at the input data in order to solve the problem. I would expect the outputs to only exist in areas covered by the input watershed layer.

Could you please collect all your input data in a zip file and share a link to that zip file, using dropbox, google drive, or similar? Then I can take a closer look.

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File data and model results have been uploaded, thank you for your help.

Thank you for sharing your data. I believe the spatial extent of the results is explained by the “Area of Outputs” section of the User Guide here: NDR: Nutrient Delivery Ratio — InVEST documentation

User Guide also available in Spanish & Chinese:

It may be important to view the stream.tif intermediate output and see if it is a good representation of the stream network in your study area. If not, you might adjust the Threshold Flow Accumulation value. And if you want results in the areas that appear “missing” here, you may need to expand your input data to cover a wider extent. Also from the User Guide: “To ensure proper flow routing, the DEM should extend beyond the watersheds of interest, rather than being clipped to the watershed edge.”

How to ensure that the river generated by the model is no problem? I think the value of stream.tif in my model result file is 0. And I re-entered the expanded dem, which is also the same problem。

Please see this related section of the SDR User Guide, which is linked from the NDR chapter. SDR: Sediment Delivery Ratio — InVEST documentation

It discusses using the Threshold Flow Accumulation parameter to control the presence of streams.

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