The uhi_results table has only one feature, but it should have eight, as shown in the lulc map

The Land Use/Land Cover map that I used to run urban cooling has eight classes, just like the biophysical table. Some output rasters such as hm and cc identify the classes, but the uhi_results shapefile only contains one feature.
I’ve used the model before, and this is the first time this error has occurred. Can you help me understand the error? Thank you.
InVEST-natcap.invest.urban_cooling_model-log-2024-07-01–11_37_30.txt (105.0 KB)

Hi @jv_martinelli -

As the User Guide notes, uhi_results has values that are aggregated within the area of interest that you provide as input. Does your area of interest shapefile contain only one feature? If so, that’s what the uhi_results will contain.

~ Stacie

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